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Bring Stream Videos to SharePoint Pages and Yammer Conversations

, Program Manger, 2017年5月17日


You can now post a link to a video from Stream on Yammer and it will play inline directly in Yammer web. With this ability you can use Yammer to broadcast out your internal messages using videos in Stream and users don’t have to leave Yammer web to watch the videos.

Stream - Yammer inline play - sm

Try it out now…

Grab the player page URL from Stream and past it into a Yammer post.
Or post to Yammer from inside of Stream (Player Page > Share button > Yammer share button).

As always, the permissions on the video in Stream will be respected in Yammer. If someone posts to a Yammer group that doesn’t have permissions to the video they’ll get a friendly message saying they don’t have access to watch the video.

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In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out a Microsoft Stream webpart for SharePoint Online. The Microsoft Stream webpart will allow you to embed a single video or an entire channel into your SharePoint pages. With this webpart you can leverage the great streaming capabilities of Microsoft Stream while putting your videos in context in group sites, communication sites, or news articles.

Stream Webpart -small

Check out the Office Blog to see all the great announcements and new features from SharePoint Online including the Microsoft Stream webpart.