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Downloading original videos

, Program Manager, 2017年5月5日

Based on your great feedback, we have added the capability to download the original video file from any videos you have uploaded!   If you are the owner of a video, you will see the new “…

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Effective Leadership Communication using Video with Microsoft Stream

, Program Manager, 2017年4月10日

  One of the primary goals of Microsoft Stream is to enable effective communication from an organizations leadership team to its employees.  More and more, top leaders are implementing town-…

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Background Upload in Stream

, Program Manager, 2016年10月3日

The videos you share with your organization can vary in size greatly.  The difference between a 30 second tutorial video and a 3 hour All Hands meeting is tremendous, and with longer videos come…

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Comment on videos to engage with your organization

, Program Manager, 2016年9月29日

A recent update of Microsoft Stream enabled the Comments feature for all tenants.  Now you can easily share your thoughts or questions on a given video, ultimately enriching the experience you…

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Metadata - Making the Most of your First Upload on Microsoft Stream

, Program Manager, 2016年7月15日

The end goal of uploading videos to Microsoft Stream is to share content with your colleagues. Without descriptive and expressive metadata, your video runs the risk of being undiscoverable by viewers, making it harder for your peers to view your videos.

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