If you are an Office 365 customer, groups in Microsoft Stream are built using Office 365 Groups. When you make a group in Microsoft Stream it creates a new Office 365 Group that can be used across Office 365, giving the group an email address, calendar, site, etc. If you already use O365 Groups in your organization, you can start using those groups in Microsoft Stream right away.

Owner of group

If you are an owner of a group, you can make changes directly in Microsoft Stream.

Global admin

If you are a Global Admin or Exchange Admin, you can't make changes in Microsoft Stream, but you can make changes to groups via the Office 365 admin center or Azure portal.

From Microsoft Stream you can get to the Office 365 admin or Azure portal from the Admin settings page:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Stream portal.
  2. Select your profile image in the upper right corner > Admin settings

    Admin settings button
  3. Go down to the Administer Microsoft Stream groups section.

    Groups admin center external links in Stream admin
  4. Select either the Office 365 admin center or Azure portal links.

Microsoft Stream admins get access to other content in Stream, but management of groups is reserved for Global Admins/Exchange Admins only.*

More info

More info on Group Management outside of Microsoft Stream:

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