This article explains how you can assign administrators for Microsoft Stream and walks you through the steps and experiences for various personas.


You need to be in the Global Tenant Admin role to perform this operation.

Admin Settings

When you log in to the Microsoft Stream portal, you can navigate to Admin Settings by clicking your profile image in the right corner of the portal.

Assigning stream admin

Assigning Microsoft Stream Admins

You can now assign individual users or a security group to the list of Microsoft Stream admins. These admins will be able to manage other admin capabilities.

Assigning stream admin

When users with Microsoft Stream Admins rights log in to the Microsoft Stream portal, they will see the admin settings as a menu item when they click the profile icon. They will be able to perform day to day management operations of Microsoft Stream.

The core admin experiences which a Microsoft Stream Admin gets are described in each of these sections:

Experience for Employees

If you are not a Microsoft Stream Admin, you will not see the new "Admin Settings" menu item when clicking the profile icon. If you do need to request Stream Admin rights, contact your Global Tenant Admin. If you are not a Stream Admin and you try to access the admin page at, you will get an error screen as shown below.

Assigning stream admin

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