With the new Microsoft Stream web part for SharePoint Online, you can now easily embed your Microsoft Stream channels and videos into your SharePoint sites. This article shows how to add a Microsoft Stream web part to SharePoint Online.


The permissions on the video or channel in Microsoft Stream will be respected in SharePoint.

If your organization is using trusted sites, make sure to add https://*.microsoftstream.com to the trusted URLs.

Get a channel or video URL from Microsoft Stream

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Stream portal.
  2. Select the channel or video URL directly from the address bar or your browser on the channel or video page. You can also select the Share button on the desired video.

  3. Once you press Share, a dialog appears.
  4. Copy the URL.

Learn more about sharing.

Add a Microsoft Stream web part into SharePoint Online

  1. Open your SharePoint Online site.
  2. Add a web part to a page by selecting plus icon and choosing the Microsoft Stream web part.

  3. Specify the if the web part is for a Microsoft Stream channel or video and then paste the URL.

  4. Select Publish to publish your page.

Next steps

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