Browsing and filtering your videos makes it easy to quickly find what you are looking for. This article shows you how to manage your content on Microsoft Stream by filtering your videos based on their metadata.


Before continuing with this tutorial, you must be signed in to Microsoft Stream. For information on how to sign up, see this article.

See all your videos

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Stream.
  2. Select My content > My videos from the top navigation bar.

My videos

Search, filter and sort your videos

You can search for content right on the My videos page, the same way you do in browse. The search results will be scoped to the context of the page, in this case your videos.

You can also filter on the state (draft or published) and privacy settings (limted or companywide) of the video.

Additonally, you can sort your videos by a variety of different parameters, including relevance of search results, publish date, view count and more.

For example, if you'd like to see all the videos you have uploaded that are about "sharing" and have already been published, you can search for "share", and set the state to "Published", as the filter below:

Filter videos

View filtered result

The example above returned three videos that contained the word "dhare" in their metadata. In this case, they were found in the video description and the auto-generated caption transcript. For more information on transcripts, see autogenerate captions.

Filter videos

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