Use groups and channels to organize and permission your videos in Microsoft Stream. A video can be in any number of groups and channels at the same time.

Quick add

Getting videos into groups and channels is easy with the Add to group/channel option.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Stream portal
  2. Find a video (for example, through My videos, My channels, My groups or Browse)
  3. Select ... > Add to group/channel

    Add to group/channel button
  4. Find groups or channels you want to add with the Shared with search box

    Add to group/channel dialog
  5. Select add

Who can add videos to groups/channels

If a video is a companywide video you can add it to any of your groups/channels even if aren't an owner of the video.

If you are the owner of a video you can add your video to any groups/channels you can contribute to.

Other ways to add

You can also add videos to group/channels in the following flows:

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