As an organization, most of the times you want to define the business conduct guidelines, which provide the foundation for your organization and require employees to read and acknowledge the guidelines before uploading content to Microsoft Stream.

This article explains how you can specify the company guidelines link in Microsoft Stream and optionally require employees to read and acknowledge that they agree with the guidelines as they are uploading content to Microsoft Stream.


You need to be a Microsoft Stream Admin to perform this operation. For more information, see this article.

Admin settings

As a Microsoft Stream Admin, you can navigate to the Admin Settings in Microsoft Stream by clicking your profile image in the right corner of the portal.


Figure 1: Navigate to Admin Settings

Specifying company guidelines

You can now specify your organization guidelines as shown in Figure 2


Figure 2: Provide link to your company's guidelines and policy

In addition to specifying a link to your organizational policies, you can also specify if you want the other users in the organization to accept these guidelines before uploading content as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3: Require Company Policy Acceptance

When you enable this feature for employees within your organization, you need to ensure that you do specify a company policy link otherwise you will see an error as shown in Figure 4


Figure 4: Error when company policy is not defined

Employee experience

When employees visit the upload page, they will be presented with a screen similar to Figure 5, which asks the users to read and agree to the company policy.


Figure 5: Upload Page requiring consent

Once the employees click the company policy link from Figure 5, it will open the organization guidelines in a new tab, and this upload screen gets refreshed for the employees to show (Figure 6), where they can Accept Policy before uploading content.


Figure 6: Acknowledge company policy

This holds true in case when an employee is viewing an individual channel, and they can acknowledge and accept the organizational guidelines from this view as well (as shown in Figure 7)


Figure 7: In-Channel View of company policies

This acknowledgment is one-time activity, which the user has to do. Once the employees have accepted the company policy, it is stored permanently and the user will be able to continue uploads.

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