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Creating How-to Videos for Stream: Part 1 – Writing Scripts

, Principal PM Manager, 2016년 7월 28일 목요일

In this series you will learn the process of creating professional looking How-To training videos for use on Microsoft Stream. The series covers script writing, recording of screen casts, and finally the editing and caption workflow prior to uploading your content to Stream.

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Under the hood: What happens to your videos after upload

, Senior Program Manager, 2016년 7월 27일 수요일

Using Stream to share videos is really easy - all you have to do is to upload your video, and within a short time, you get a link that you can share within your organization. Let's see what goes on under the hood.

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Metadata - Making the Most of your First Upload on Microsoft Stream

, Program Manager, 2016년 7월 15일 금요일

The end goal of uploading videos to Microsoft Stream is to share content with your colleagues. Without descriptive and expressive metadata, your video runs the risk of being undiscoverable by viewers, making it harder for your peers to view your videos.

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Introducing the Stream Community

, Senior Program Manager, 2016년 7월 15일 금요일

Introducing the Microsoft Stream Community! It's the quickest way to interact with peers, ask questions, get technical support and submit ideas for Microsoft Stream. The Stream Community is the new home for users like you who want to...

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Welcome to Microsoft Stream’s blog

, Group Program Manager, 2016년 7월 15일 금요일

Our goal with Microsoft Stream is to build a service that helps realize the full potential of video at our workplaces. With Microsoft Stream, we have brought the online video experiences that all of us are used to in our consumer lives to our professional lives. It only takes 5-seconds to sign-up and a few minutes to start sharing and consuming videos in a very secure manner.

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