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Microsoft Stream Website FAQ

What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a cloud video service that makes it easy for employees at organizations of all sizes to upload, watch, share, organize and discover all videos within their organization from a single portal, securely. Today Microsoft Stream is available in preview globally and is free for anyone with a work email address to sign up.

Who is Microsoft Stream intended for?

Microsoft Stream is the video management and sharing service for employees at all levels across businesses of all sizes who are interested in using videos in the workplace to connect, collaborate, learn and share information. Anyone can search for videos easily and consume them on their device, whenever and wherever.

What do I need to use Microsoft Stream?

All you need is a web browser and a work email address to use Microsoft Stream preview for free.

What do I need to install before I can use Microsoft Stream?

To use Microsoft Stream preview for free, you need just a web browser and work email address.

Why do I have to sign up with my work email?

We don't support email addresses from consumer email services or telecommunications providers. Learn more about the Microsoft Stream sign-up process.

Which work email addresses are supported?

Work email addresses ending in .com, .edu, and .org are supported.

Those ending in .gov and .mil aren’t currently supported.

Can I share videos with a specific person or my organization?

Yes. You can share videos within an organization or with a specific person or people using the ‘Who can see this video’ setting that is available during upload or edit. Learn more about setting permissions here.

Can I create videos inside Microsoft Stream?

At preview, Microsoft Stream customers will not be able to record videos within Microsoft Stream. However, customers can record videos using capabilities available on their devices and easily upload the video to Microsoft Stream with just a few clicks.

What browsers does Microsoft Stream support?

Microsoft Stream supports Microsoft Edge and the current versions of Chrome and Safari.

Will Microsoft Stream work on mobile devices?

At preview, Stream will be available on mobile browsers with full functionality across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). We also plan to make a mobile app available.

Can I do live streaming from Microsoft Stream?

At preview Live streaming capabilities are not available but are planned for a future release.

Are you planning to add new features during the preview period?

Yes, we will continue to add new features based on customer feedback.

How do Office 365 Video and Microsoft Stream relate to each other?

Office 365 Video and Microsoft Stream both share a common goal of unlocking the potential of videos to help businesses better connect, share and facilitate learning and. During preview, Microsoft Stream and O365 videos will co-exist. We plan to integrate Office 365 with Microsoft Stream, whereby Microsoft Stream will become the de facto video solution within Office.

I'm an O365 Customer, what should I use? Microsoft Stream or O365 Video?

If you are already an O365 customer with E/A/G SKUs you should use O365 Video. Over time we will be bringing together the experiences of O365 Video and Stream. As we mentioned our goal is for Microsoft Stream to become the de-facto solution in Office and at that point of time, all content is expected to be migrated over to Stream so in other words, you should not lose your content if you use Office 365 Video today.

What languages does Microsoft Stream support?

Microsoft Stream is currently supports the English language in preview.

What pricing plans do you offer?

Microsoft Stream is currently in preview and available at no cost. Free and paid service levels are planned for when the service is generally available, with details to follow closer to the release date. Features that are available at no cost during the preview period may be discontinued or become part of a paid tier at general availability.

Is Microsoft Stream available globally?

Microsoft Stream is available globally. Currently at preview, anyone can sign up for Microsoft Stream. Microsoft Stream is available in 6 regions but anyone in the world can sign up. However, all customer data will be assigned and stored in one of these 6 regions.

In future Microsoft Stream may be available in additional regions but customers who sign up now will continue using existing region. It’s not clear if Stream will support migration of data once more regions become available.

Alternative: Microsoft Stream is available for customers to sign up globally.

Where do I get started with Microsoft Stream?

Get started with the following resources: