This article shows you how to invite coworkers to start using Microsoft Stream.


Before continuing with this tutorial, you must be signed in to Microsoft Stream. For information on how to sign up, see this article.

Invite your coworkers

Press the Invite button from the Stream's home page, or press the envelope from any page to invite your coworkers to join Microsoft Stream and view and upload videos.


Set permissions on your video

By default, when you upload a video, the permissions are set for the video to be visible to the whole org. If you want to only give permissions to the specific users/groups, you need to customize the video's metadata. You can do that during upload or at some later time by editing the video's metadata.

To choose specific people, select Custom privacy setting. Then, select users/groups that you want to share this video with. To view the video, they must be signed in to Microsoft Stream.


Share a video

For more information, see share a video.

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