This article shows you how to get started with Microsoft Stream.


Before continuing with this tutorial, you must be signed in to Microsoft Stream. For information on how to sign up, see this article.

Upload your videos

You can upload a video or multiple videos from any page of the Stream portal. For more information, see Upload a video.

Getting started

Configure privacy settings

You can control who can find, view, or share your content with privacy settings. For more information, see Understand privacy settings.

Getting started

See popular content

Use the home page to see what your coworkers have uploaded, what's new, what's trending. Playback popular content from the home page.

Getting started

Organize videos into channels

Videos can be organized into channels dedicated to specif topic. There could be a channel for product team or training videos. Channels are designed for users to follow, so you can always go to the videos that are important to you. Or, choose to see a list of all popular channels in your organization.

Getting started

Follow channels

The channels you want to follow can be easily organized. It is easy to unfollow a channel that no longer interests you. If you created a channel, you can delete it. For more information, see Follow a channel.

Getting started

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