Microsoft Stream contributors should create channels in order to categorize videos. Channels are designed for users to follow. By selecting a channel of interest, you will see all the relevant videos. Channels can be managed by one or more people who have owner permission for the channel. This article describes how easy it is to create a channel with Microsoft Stream.


Before continuing with this tutorial, you must be signed in to Microsoft Stream. For information on how to sign up, see this article.


  • Your channel must have a unique name in your organization.
  • A description should be added to make it easier for people to find your channels. You can create new or use an existing hashtag by placing the # sign in front of a word.
  • You could restrict who else could contribute to your channel.

    Only those people you add as contibutors are allowed to add videos into your channel. You can only add people who have already signed up for Microsoft Stream, if you don't restrict channel contributor, by default, everyone could add videos into your channel.

  • You could create an empty channel and add videos into the channel later.

Create a channel

  1. In the Microsoft Stream portal, select Create a channel. If you created a channel, you can also delete it.

    Create Channel

  2. In the Create Channel dialog, give a unique name and description for your channel. Channel's name is limited to 30 characters. Channel's description is limited to 4000 characters.

    Optionally, add who else can contribute to your channel.

    Create Channel Dialog

  3. Press Create.

    Once the channel is created, you can view your channels under My content > My channels

    View Channels

    You can now start adding videos to it. You can also edit your channel's metadata so that your channel's information could be more accurate.

Set a poster image on the channel

See Edit a channel.

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