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Microsoft Stream announces Tier C compliance and new capabilities

, Group Program Manager, 03 April 2018

We continue to build out some amazing capabilities in Microsoft Stream. Here is a quick summary of some notable updates. You can also find a summary of new features across all Dynamics 365 apps and…

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Microsoft Stream is now GA

, Group Program Manager, 20 June 2017

Earlier today, we announced General Availability (GA) of Microsoft Stream (see the Microsoft Blog post as well as the Office 365 blog post to catch up with the announcements). We started this journey…

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Microsoft Stream and Office 365 Video

, Group Program Manager, 08 August 2016

In this blog post, we cover all important questions around Microsoft Stream and Office 365 Video. If you had questions or wanted to learn more about what Microsoft Stream means to Office 365 Video today and in the future, please read on.

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Welcome to Microsoft Stream’s blog

, Group Program Manager, 15 July 2016

Our goal with Microsoft Stream is to build a service that helps realize the full potential of video at our workplaces. With Microsoft Stream, we have brought the online video experiences that all of us are used to in our consumer lives to our professional lives. It only takes 5-seconds to sign-up and a few minutes to start sharing and consuming videos in a very secure manner.

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