Enable captions and subtitles in the player

  1. Quick CC button – quick action to turn on captions if they exist. hotkeys
  2. Manually selecting a track.

    hotkeys hotkeys

For more information, see how to add subtitles or a caption to your video.

Change the look of captions and subtitles

You can change how the captions and subtitles are rendered in Microsoft Stream. You can make the text larger or change the text/background color of the captions.

hotkeys hotkeys

Hot keys

In order to use hot keys, you must have focus of the player. Once focused on the player, hot keys can control the player functionality. The table below describes the various hot keys and their associated behavior:

Hot key Behavior
F/f Player will enter/exit FullScreen mode
M/m Player volume will mute/unmute
Up and Down Arrow Player volume will increase/decrease
Left and Right Arrow Video progress will increase /decrease
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Video progress will be changed to 0%- 90% depending on the key pressed
Click Action, Spacebar Video will play/pause

Tab focus

You can navigate and control the video player without requiring usage of a mouse. This can be done by navigating with Tab (forward) and Shift+Tab (backward) on the various control elements. To select a button or open a menu, use the spacebar or enter button on the keyboard.

Menus will expand on selection. To navigate through menu items, press the up and down arrow keys and continue tabbing through to select a menu item. Once you have context of the item you wish to select, hit enter or spacebar again to complete the selection.

Screen readers

Screen readers are capable of reading UI elements based on HTML standards. When you have a screen reader enabled, simply navigate through the player elements to read the various UI elements. Additional configurations can be set by the users screen reader settings.

High contrast

The player is viewable with with most device/browser high contrast view modes. Configurations can be set in the browser or operating system level.